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Value: $3900

Our Package Price: $2500

Decrease Fat, Increase Muscles

$1400 in savings! We advise clients seeking weight loss to concurrently focus on muscle development, as this not only aids in loose skin tightening but also establishes a foundation for long-term health. Our TruBody package combines TruFlex and TruSculpt to facilitate weight loss and muscle gain. We've designed this package to enhance accessibility for individuals seeking effective weight management solutions. Includes: -Free Consultation - 4 TruFlex Sessions - 1 TruSculpt Session - PLUS additional 2 TruFlex treatments for 6 total. Package Price: - $2500 - ($3900 regular price, $1400 in savings) *first time trubody client, can’t be combined with other offer. TruSculpt and 6 Truflex treatments package must be completed within 8 weeks for maximum results. Once package is completed, clients have the option to purchase the TruBody medical membership which is $325 per month. This allows them up to 4 Truflex treatments per month.

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