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Botox Treatment

Facial Injectable Treatments

dermal FILLERS &
neurotoxin BOTOX

Achieve your aesthetic goals with our range of non-surgical treatments, including Soft Tissue Fillers for natural volume enhancement, Wrinkle Erasers like Botox and Xeomin to soften fine lines, Kybella for permanent fat cell reduction in the submental area, and Sculptra to stimulate collagen production for a lifted, tightened complexion.

Wrinkle Erasers

Used to soften fine lines resulting from dynamic expression and muscle contraction, these “magic” wrinkle erasers also called neuromodulators are typically used in the forehead, frown lines ("11's"), crow’s feet areas, and sometimes in the lower face. It also is used for a “lip flip” which is a nice way to enhance the top lip, subtly and prior to considering dermal filler for lips. The effect of neuromodulators lasts 3-4 months dependent on the dose and how quickly one’s body processes the product and one’s metabolism. The likelihood of not only minimizing wrinkles but slowing or stopping the progression as one ages is to repeat treatments before muscles return to a full level of expression/movement. $12 per unit. Alle, Aspire and Xperience Loyalty programs are accepted resulting in additional savings of up to $75 (or more!) each treatment!

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Skin Volume Enhancement

Achieve your aesthetic goals with our range of non-surgical injectable treatments, including Soft Tissue / Dermal Fillers for natural volume enhancement to lips, cheeks,and lower face; looking for the "perfect pout", smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and creating lift in the skin to minimize lower face laxity, consider fillers.

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Strengthen, Lift, & Tighten Skin

Sculptra is a cutting-edge "biostimulatory" facial injectable treatment designed to effectively stimulate collagen production, helping to strengthen, lift and tighten the skin where volume loss tends to occur. Whereas other fillers may improve appearance immediately, sculptra addresses decreased collagen producton and an underlying skin concern as we age. Results vary amongst individuals and multiple treatments may be necessary. Starting at $800

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Submental Fat ("Double Chin") Reduction

Kybella, deoxycholic acid, injections are designed to permanently destroy fat cells where excess tends to accumulate. It is the only non-surgical FDA-approved treatment for the submental fat area (double chin) and is helpful in targeting an area that may not be impacted by a healthy diet and specific exercise regimen. It can also be injected into other areas including "love handles", bra/underarm area and is safe to be used in conjunction with other modalities, including TruSculpt ID fat loss treatment to optimize results. Starting at $1200

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