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special treatments &
programs custom-made FOR MEN

At Bloom Aesthetics + Wellness, we offer an array of services to help our male clients address physical and emotional health needs and achieve the best version of themselves in a discreet, laid-back environment. Review the treatments provided below and schedule your complementary virtual or in person consultation for more information.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

After age 30, men will see a natural decline in their testosterone levels due to aging that can manifest in different ways including decreased energy, sex drive, athletic performance, and strength, increased abdominal fat and weight gain, as well as sleep and mood disturbances. However, rather than “write off” the symptoms as getting older, testosterone replacement can mitigate and sometimes reverse these changes. Six (6) month plans are available starting at $1050 which start with comprehensive lab work and clinician review, weekly medication via self-injections and bi-weekly 15-30 minute virtual health coaching. So what’s next? Schedule a consultation for us to discuss symptoms and review your medical history. We will coordinate for you to have labs completed, discuss treatment options, and create your personalized treatment plan. Should you proceed, we will confirm your preference for in-person treatment (clinician administers injections) or walk you through the injection steps should you prefer to self administer medication to make sure you are fully prepared. In this case, medications will be mailed directly to your home in discreet packaging.  Labs and follow up visits will also be done periodically to monitor effectiveness.

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PRFM Hair Treatment

The PRFM Hair Restoration Treatment is perfect for men who are concerned with thinning and gradual loss of hair. It involves obtaining a small blood sample which is carefully separated utilizing the Selphyl ® System, creating a “liquid gold” serum of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) The PRFM is injected into the scalp where thinning hair is of most concern. It is a simple in-office procedure with no downtime. The high plasma concentration provide coagulation, but they also secrete several growth factors (platelet-derived growth factors, insulin-like growth factor proteins, epidermal growth factors, keratinocyte growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor) and other cell-to-cell activation molecules. The growth factors act on the stem cells found at the base of the hair follicles. The result is increased hair thickness and hair follicle survival.

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Botox Injections

Have your horizontal forehead lines caught your attention? Have you been told by your kids or co-workers that you look angry because of the lines between your eyes known as the “11’s”? Neuromodulators, including Botox, Juveau and others, are an effective way for men to minimize facial lines resulting from dynamic expression and muscle contraction. Botox is typically used in the forehead, frown lines ("11's"), and crow’s feet areas, and sometimes in the lower face. The effect of neuromodulators lasts 3-4 months dependent on the dose and how quickly one’s body processes the product and one’s metabolism. The likelihood of not only minimizing wrinkles but slowing or stopping the progression as one ages is to repeat treatments before muscles return to a full level of expression/movement.

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Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

Semaglutide, the active ingredient found in Wegovy and Ozempic, helps people lose weight by minimizing hunger and food cravings. It also decreases lipids in the bloodstream, regulates blood sugar, and lowers blood pressure. Wegovy, developed by Norvo Nordisk was approved by the FDA for weight loss in 2021 and given its effectiveness and high demand, this led to the production of Semaglutide. Lifestyle changes focusing on dietary changes and regular exercise are reinforced through coaching; these important changes will be necessary to sustain weight loss long term, post treatment. Monthly plans start a $425 per month with $150 in additional savings for 4-month pre-payment.

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Decrease Fat & Increase Muscle Mass

TruSculpt: TruSculpt is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that eliminates stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. Clients can expect to reduce fat by 24% in each treatment area. Areas targeted are abdomen, flank, double chin, legs, chin, arms, and butt. Treatments are comfortable (equivalent to a hot stone massage) and have little to no downtime. TruFlex: What if you could get the equivalent of 54,000 contractions to strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups in one session? In one 15-minute session, TruFlex can result in up to 30% increase in muscle mass in targeted area(s) ideal for those looking to increase metabolism to optimize weight loss efforts, enhance results from current exercise regimen and improve overall physique.

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